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    About usAily

    We have 3 cooperative OEM factories in China. Our factory possess an area of more than 50000 meters square, which contains the office building, production facilities, labs and R&D center. They have more than 100 staff , two-thirds of them are sophisticated technicians who have engaged into chemical synthesis for a long time, and they compose the R&D team of Aily chemicals. This is a highly proficient team of chemists, engineers and technicians. Experience of many years in special chemicals enables us to offer you a variety of complex compounds. From laboratory, pilot plant to large-scale production, we are prepared to execute your highly specialized requirements, including adapting existing units, building additional processing units.

    We own sophisticated infrostructure, advanced technical know-how and precise analytic instruments, the R&D center and labs are equipped with advanced R&D as well as testing appliances such as GC,HPLC UV-Vis and so forth. Hence the quality of our products is reliable.

    We have set up long-term and stable cooperation with some world top companies. In order to improve the quality of the currents products, develop more new products and cultivate custom manufacture, we are making the best of the talents of its own technicians, meanwhile it has built stable cooperation with a large number of universities and institutes.

    Organic Synthesis TechnologiesAily
    1. Synthesis and Application of Metal Organolithium
    2. Reactions under Ultralow Temperature(-120 Celsius degree) Water/Oxygen-Free Conditions
    3. Reliability & Safety Reaction Relating Sodium Metal
    4. Synthesis of Acetylene and Alkine Alkyne Compounds
    5. Organic Fluorides
    6. Friedel-Crafts Reaction 
    7. Synthesis of Asymmetric Hydrogenation and Chiral Medium
    8. Hydrogenation
    9. Cyanidation
    10. Ammonia Oxidation
    Cooperation FieldsAily
    1. Purchase agent: supply great service with good quality.
    2. Custom Synthesis
    3. CRO Service
    4. CMO Service
    5. Import chemicals
    Cooperative CompanyAily


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